At Camp Brimacombe, campers will gain new experiences, develop fundamental skills, foster friendships and grow – all in a supportive, holistic-focused environment. Each week, campers will delve into exciting and new learning adventures, exploring the natural world around them in age appropriate activities.


At Camp Brimacombe, our mission is to provide every camper with an educational, exciting and memorable experience that reflects our core values, and encourages learning through play. Camp Brimacombe exists to foster the holistic development of each camper, through an empowering and safe environment, that recognizes the uniqueness of each child.


Camp Brimacombe is pleased to offer care to children and youth, 4 – 12 years of age.

The following is a breakdown of the camp groups offered, and the developmental focus of each group.


12 – 14 years old



Our Leader-In-Training program is designed for campers aged 12 to 14 who are preparing for their first volunteer and/or work experience.


Our Counsellors and Camp Director will work side-by-side with our LITs to help develop their individual leadership styles and build confidence through hands-on group activities and continual constructive feedback.


LITs will have the opportunity to interact with campers, participate in camp activities during the week, and ultimately lead our camper programming on Friday afternoon.

Our LITs will learn what it takes to lead, work effectively in a team, engage campers, resolve conflict and much more!

*Campers who complete our Leader-In-Training Program may be invited to join the Camp Brimacombe team as a volunteer throughout the summer.


6 – 8 years old

Supervision- 10:1


Camp Brimacombe’s Saplings program promotes the development of each camper through cooperative and structured activities.


Counsellors will place an emphasis on the camper’s interests as they navigate themed activities that encourage both active and passive play. Saplings will engage in challenges that expand their strength and endurance, logical reasoning and social skills, in a supportive environment that promotes success and the growth of self-esteem.


Saplings will interact closely with their Counsellors to have a fun filled week, where they will engage in learning in the most encouraging way possible- through play!

Mighty Oaks

9 – 12 years old

Supervision- 10:1


Within the Mighty Oaks program at Camp Brimacombe, campers will enjoy their week in an environment that increases their independence and self-confidence.


Campers will have the opportunity to participate in organized activities that promote fair play and honesty, communication, and leadership. 


Counsellors will interact with their campers, promoting positive peer interactions, supporting the individuality of each camper and fostering the learning of new experiences.




4 – 5 years old



Supervision- 8:1



Within Camp Brimacombe’s Sprouts program, a child-centered learning environment will be promoted, where pro-social skills will be role-modeled and fostered.


Through a holistic approach, Counsellors will place focus on self-directed play experiences through the use of activity centers that encourage imagination. Counsellors will engage closely with the children in their group, providing immediate feedback and support, assisting in the development of hand-eye coordination and emerging gross motor skills.


Within the Sprouts program, each campers uniqueness will be supported and the development of their competence and independence will be encouraged. 

*Please note, children must be 4 prior to the beginning of the camps commencement.

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