NEW For Summer 2021 – Limited Spots Available

5-Day Camp | Ages 12 –14

The Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is a 5-day camp designed for campers aged 12 to 14, to provide opportunities to develop confidence and skills in leadership, team-building, conflict resolution and goal setting while also participating in recreational camp activities.


Our LIT counsellor and Camp Coordinator will work closely with our LITs to help develop their individual leadership styles and build confidence through hands-on group activities and continual constructive feedback. The program provides the foundation for LITs to learn about planning and organizing activities, working effectively with others as both a leader and team member, building a resumé and preparing for an interview, and ultimately prepare youth for future volunteer or job opportunities.


Pending COVID-19 protocols, LITs will have the opportunity to interact with campers, participate in camp activities during the week, and ultimately lead our camper programming on Friday afternoon. In the event that such interactions are not possible and LITs will have the opportunity to develop a team project and lead programming within their group. 

Emergency First Aid Certification from the Lifesaving Society

LITs will spend 2 hours Monday to Thursday, participating in the Emergency First Aid course provided by a course conductor from the Lifesaving Society. LITs will gain general knowledge of first aid principles, emergency treatment of injuries and a variety of critical skills including; victim assessments, CPR, choking, and what to do for external bleeding, heart attack, stroke, wounds and burns. This certification also includes CPR-B Certification and is valid for 36 months. 


Upon successful completion of this program, campers will receive:

  • Certificate of Leader-In-Training Program Completion

  • Emergency First Aid Certification from the Lifesaving Society (valid for 36 months)

    • Opportunities may be available for 1-Day Course upgrade to Standard First Aid Certification on an additional day (outside camp time at additional cost, based on availability) 

  • Volunteer opportunities – LITs will be eligible to interview for summer camp volunteer positions during additional weeks. 

    • LITs entering high school in September that successfully pursue volunteer roles at Camp Brimacombe may be eligible to claim community involvement hours (LITS are strongly encouraged to verify with their school that the activity will count towards completion of their 40 hours)



July 12 to 16, 2021

$379/ week 


August 9 to 13, 2021

$379/ week 

Fee Includes:
Camp Brimacombe T-Shirt, Notebook and
Emergency First Aid Certification Course
Fee Includes:
Camp Brimacombe T-Shirt, Notebook and
Emergency First Aid Certification Course