Help us make certain we have the best and most up-to-date health information concerning your camper. Even if your camper is perfectly healthy, we need to have that information on file so we know how to respond to any immediate need without hesitation, should an accident or emergency occur. 


As part of the Camp Application package, all Campers must complete a Camper Health & Safety Form and a Camp Waiver in order for the final application package to be processed. To help facilitate a successful camp experience, we ask that you share as much information as possible on the Health & Safety Form.


If there are any changes or updates to the information requested on the Health & Safety Form after you have submitted the form, please notify us in writing at that time.


This information is considered to be confidential and will be shared amongst health care providers as needed; ie. Walk in Clinic or Emergency Health Care Providers. This information will only be shared with Camp staff on a need to know basis to ensure the physical and mental health of your child.



Only those campers for whom we have completed health information will be permitted to attend camp. As a camp, our effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment includes health promotion, of which immunization is a key component. By doing so, we align ourselves with school boards and Health Canada. As such, we request that all campers and staff at camp have received ALL mandatory immunizations. We trust that our approach places your camper’s health and safety as a major priority for every summer!